Historical Airphoto Ortho Mosaicking and Applications

In this webinar we will discuss the topic of historical airphotos that many organizations keep in their archives, but struggle to work with in a modern GIS environment since they are not typically properly ortho-rectified and mosaicked. PCI Geomatics offers many software solutions to address these challenging datasets, which will be highlighted in the webinar. A dedicated Historical Airphoto Processing (HAP) software capability is available to convert these images into accurate digital imagery that can be layered with other GIS information and used as reference, or to extract information. Historical airphoto processing is now available as a service for customers within Canada and the US, should you wish to leverage a professional services approach to getting your historical airphotos processed.


Date & Time:

  February 15, 2018

What You'll Learn:

  • Requirements for successful historical airphoto processing
  • Software processing workflow and overview
  • Historical Airphoto Processing Service offering overview
  • Data publication, creating swipe galleries and web publishing historical airphotos
  • Application examples from historical imagery
    • Object detection and creation of automated vector data from features in imagery
    • Change detection
    • Elevation information extraction and analysis
    • Forestry analysis, biomass estimates

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