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Simplified 3D Modeling Without Special Hardware

Using 3D FeatureXtract, you perform 3D feature extraction with multiple overlapping images, using simple controls to create complex shapes and facilities. 3D FeatureXtract requires no expensive and cumbersome mouse consoles, hand wheels, or 3D glasses. Because 3D FeatureXtract uses monoscopic viewing, so you can model easily with existing equipment.

3D building models are created with:
  • Side-by-side imagery
  • Manual shape creation tools
  • Wizards for complex geometry
  • Extrusion to DEM simple editing tools

Handles Complex Geometries

3D FeatureXtract has a number of tools to simplify the modeling process for certain complex geometries:

  • Loft polygons and points to form pyramids, cones, and other projected shapes
  • Automatically generated roof styles from simple gutter lines

Common Format Viewing/Exporting

3D FeatureXtract contains a 3D viewer to examine the generated models. You can also export the 3D model to a number of common formats, including:

  • Shapefile
  • OpenFlight
  • Collada
  • KML files suitable for ingestion in Google Earth


Technical Resources

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3D FeatureXtract User’s Guide
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Frequently Asked Questions
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