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Flight Simulation Mosaics

Producing professional, seamless and realistic looking 3D landscapes using commercially available imagery is important for flight training and simulation. Several commercial satellite sensors such as WorldView, Pleaides, and SPOT can provide stereo imagery for high resolution Digital Surface Model (DSM) extraction and very high quality ortho production. Using GXL, large blocks of images can be processed to produce DSMs and seamless colour balanced mosaics that can be draped over elevation models covering large areas. GXL also supports processing for high resolution aerial imagery. L3 Link Simulation & Training uses GXL on a regular basis for their flight simulator scenery creation, training pilots for the F-22, F-16, F-18 and other fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

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GXL Flight SimulationDigital Surface Model and High Resolution imagery drape over the Alps, produced using a high volume GXL production system.

Detail and Efficiency

GXL 2017 now includes two state-of-the-art DEM Extraction algorithms with the addition of semi-global matching (SGM). The new method provides substantial improvement in detail, especially buildings, collected using high-resolution, sub-meter satellites and aerial systems. SGM provides better results in difficult extraction areas, reducing the needs for follow-on editing and quality control.


ADS Processing

ADS 40/80/100 processing is available in GXL, including model calculation, multi-band orthorectification and automatic mosaicking. ADS owners can now take advantage of GXL speed, productivity and editing benefits or integrate ADS into their current frame-based processes.

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Massive Country Mosaics

Creating a country mosaic from over 50,000 available images over the country of Mexico presented many challenges to a Mexican Environmental Organization known as CONABIO. That is, until they were able to leverage the power of the GXL Production system to narrow the choice down to the best 4,500 images based on seasonality and cloud coverage, and iterative processing to arrive at the best possible result. This 12.5 terabyte mosaic of Mexico is composed of the best RapidEye images from 2011-2014, and was processed using GXL on a production system in Mexico City.

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AerialMosaic mex

One Computer, One Weekend

GXL accelerates proven methods and pushes the envelope of possibilities. Learn how, on a single laptop computer, 4,000 large format airphotos were used to create an elevation model and mosaic over the course of only a weekend.

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Aerial Mosaic

Multi-Sensor Orthorectification

GXL is multi-sensor capable, including aerial, optical and radar data processing. Learn how the GXL SAR package was used to create a RADARSAT-2 mosaic to identify a wide range of sea states and wind speeds. The resulting mosaic contains five layers of radar results, including total power and calibrated σ0 intensities for various polarizations (i.e. HH, HV, VH and VV).

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SAR Ortho

Better Mosaics

GXL's color balancing and cutline methods produce stunning results quickly and automatically, reducing the need for touch-ups and reprocessing. Live DEM and Smart GeoFill tools make any manual editing fast, simple and effective thanks to live previews and automatic blending.

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Higher Accuracy

Sophisticated aerial and satellite workflows provide bundle adjustment methods, multi-view GCP collection, DEM extraction and filters, all of which lead to pixel-perfect results. GXL's QA tools allow you to inspect products at chosen processing breakpoints, ensuring you're getting the quality you need.

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Greater Productivity

With a web-interface for job management, you can set up custom workflows and monitor them remotely and through email notifications. Automatic load-balancing distributes work across any number of connected nodes, which can be added, removed or paused depending on your current production requirements.

SAR Analysis

The GXL SAR package allows orthorectification of a variety of radar sensors. Polarimetric processing and SAR change detection are included in this package, providing additional tools for your remote sensing analyses.

Live DEM Editing

High-quality DEMs are necessary to generate high-quality orthos. GXL includes sophisticated algorithms to create high-quality elevation models on which to build your orthos. Hybrid editing is efficient, fast, and gives an instant preview that allows operators to easily see errors in the underlying DEM, edit them quickly, while updating the ortho on the fly before committing to the full processing.

True Ortho

Through the use of a building model, PCI's aerial processing software can produce True Ortho imagery – ideal for use in urban areas to eliminate building lean and feature obstruction. Automated methods are applied to the imagery pairs to determine the best possible viewing geometry and inclusion in the final mosaic.

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  • “10 out of 10! PCI’s software products are amongst the very best of the best. The performance of PCI’s software goes hand in hand with their ability to consistently deliver excellence in customer service and understand our businesses real needs."

    Jane Zewe - Marketing & Communications Coordinator - GEOIMAGE

  • "Traditional methods for correcting SPOT images were simply too expensive and time-intensive to meet the needs of our client, the Government of Canada. The scalability of a PCI Geomatics automated orthorectification system will allow for the rapid and cost-effective production of accurate images with little user intervention."

    Brett Michelson - Vice President Blackbridge Geomatics

  • "Through the use of the GXL Cloud system that PCI has deployed to our Amazon Cloud instances, we are working diligently to provide high-resolution and high-quality content as quickly as possible for the ArcGIS Online platform"

    Steven Lambert - Senior Program Manager - esri

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