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Because of its all weather, any-time monitoring capabilities, Radar remote sensing offers a number of advantages for Earth-surface and feature observation. The Geomatica Radar Suite is purpose-built to provide tools specialized for processing radar data in a standard remote sensing or GIS environment. The outputs from PCI Geomatics radar tools can be combined with other microwave and optical sensors as well as vector data to maximize the utility of information. Being part of the full-Geomatica system means this integration is seamless and simple.


What's Included

Geomatica Prime includes dozens of algorithms designed specifically for comprehensive radar analysis.

  • Generation of radar brightness
  • Generation of calibrated radar backscatter
  • SAR image change detection
  • Texture Analysis
  • Multiple SAR speckle filters
  • Airborne radar processing tools


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The SAR Polarimetry Workstation is a comprehensive toolkit designed to help develop polarimetric techniques for earth-monitoring and resource management challenges. This state-of-the-art software reads radiometric and geometric metadata to provide target selection, target analysis, and dataset processing designed specifically for Polarimetric SAR data.

The SAR Polarimetry Workstation can:

  • Assimilate a variety of POLSAR data products in their original distribution formats
  • Map product-specific metadata to a set of standardized metadata items
  • Provide multiple modes of interactive target selection
  • Provide a comprehensive set of target analysis operations with both numerical and graphical output
  • Provide a comprehensive set of operations with numerical and graphical output


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Interferometric SAR permits the extraction of DEMs and measurement of ground deformation for any subsidence or uplift application. Each step is designed to be flexible, intuitive, and run independently or in sequence through the Geomatica Python API, with default values to aid automation.

Geomatica InSAR includes the following features:

  • Designed to make processing and operations easier for both experts and non-SAR experts
  • End-to-end, interferometric processing, temporal analysis, and visualization capability
  • Suitable for a wide-range of industries
  • Everything you need for time-series analysis


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The radar orthorectification module is a SAR specific model that is designed to reduce the amount of user input and ground control required. This saves considerable time without compromising the high spatial accuracy expected from PCI Geomatics. Radiometric terrain and land cover correction options are also available when generating orthorectified radar images.

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Automatic Digital Elevation Model (DEM) extraction is available for RADARSAT-1, RADARSAT-2, KOMPSAT-5 and ENVISAT ASAR, enabling one to generate accurate and up-to-date elevation information.

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Supported Sensors

Radar specific model for ortho:

  • ASAR
  • COSMO-Skymed
  • RISAT-1
  • TanDEM-X
  • TerraSAR-X


  • COSMO-SkyMed
  • CV-580
  • SIR-C


Full support is available for:

  • TerraSAR-X

Interferogram generation from:

  • PALSAR-2
  • Cosmo-SkyMed
  • TanDEM-X
  • Kompsat-5

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