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With thousands of installations in over 130 countries, Geomatica has established itself as the software geospatial professionals around the world trust to solve problems quickly and effectively. Geomatica 2014 adds many new tools and functions to further streamline operational workflows. Combined with improvements to key algorithms, new wizard-based functions, and an expanded list of supported sensors; Geomatica 2014 is our most ambitious release yet.

What's New in Geomatica

Geomatica 2014 Overview

Our latest release adds even more tools to streamline operational workflows combined with improvements to key algorithms, new wizard-based functions, and an expanded list of supported sensors. Kevin Jones gives an overview of the new features here.

Live DEM

See and edit DTM blunders on an ortho preview that updates with your changes. You immediately see the results of your edit, so there is no need to wait for a full ortho to be produced and checked. Editing is very fast - There is no 3D stereo requirement and no need to regenerate and recheck scenes, which results in a dramatic reduction in cost and much faster turnaround.

Smart GeoFill

Enhance and retouch ortho-mosaics while maintaining full geo-referencing, channel combinations and bit-depth. By using simple polygon selection in your imagery, you can select, copy and paste the best parts of the best images for your final mosaic. This new feature extends Geomatica’s DEM and ortho-mosaic production, or can be used to enhance other types of overlapping images.

Python Scripting

Script your Geomatica image processing and combine it with other tasks in Python to streamline your data management applications, generate intelligent business products, or customize your output. See how to leverage your imagery for use in ArcGIS and other GIS applications.

More Features

Live DEM Editing, Smart GeoFill and Python Scripting are only a few of the great new features in Geomatica 2014. Visit PCI TV regularly to see more of these tools in action!

Geomatica Features


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    Atmospheric Correction

    Geomatica now features leading edge Atmospheric Correction workflows that automatically detect cloud and haze within your imagery. Automated metadata extraction will greatly improve the speed and accuracy of your workflow and allow you to produce seamless mosaics in cloud plagued areas quickly and intuitively.

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    Improved DEM Extraction

    Extracting high quality, high resolution Digital Elevation Models from the newest sensors (WorldView-2, Pleiades, GeoEye) is easier and faster than ever, and now features completely new algorithms which are OpenMP enabled. Work with 100’s or 1,000s of stereo pairs, ingest billions of Lidar points, contour lines and other elevation data to create seamless elevation models.

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    Largest File & Sensor Support Available

    Geomatica utilizes Generic Database (GDB) Technology to directly read and write raster, vector and other information from an extensive list of supported file formats allowing quick and direct access to data.

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    Geomatica delivers intelligent automatic mosaicking that includes automatic detection and removal of image brightness variations, radiometric color balancing between images, and automatic cutline determination to minimize visibility of seams in the mosaic. The streamlined Manual Mosaicking workflow allows users to manually visualize their mosaic prior to actually running the process.

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    PCI Modeler

    PCI Modeler provides an interactive methodology for the development of both simple and complex workflow. PCI Modeler provides access to a number of standard operations such as data import and export, as well as most EASI/PACE processing programs. The batching capabilities of PCI Modeler enables import files, export files, and parameter variations through multiple runs of a model making modeler a much more powerful visual scripting environment.

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    Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar Analysis

    PCI has a long and rich tradition of developing tools for SAR Sensors. SAR is a particularly attractive tool for many applications because of its ability to collect fine resolution imagery in all illumination and weather conditions.

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    Data Visualization

    Many improvements have been implemented to help you better manage your workflow and visualize large image catalogs as well as processing results.

Geomatica Discover

Change the way you work with large, complex data repositories.

Geomatica Discover is a browser based data discovery tool that crawls your local or system drives to automatically create footprints for geospatial raster and vector data.

The interface allows for map based or advanced text based querying, allowing customers to quickly and efficiently discover their data holdings to help organize production work.

  • Crawl/Ingest
    Point Discover to your local/network drive to locate all your data
  • Query
    Advanced querying through text based search strings
  • Build Sets
    Discover, then organize your data into sets
  • Map Search
    Search by zooming or panning to your AOI
  • Discover Interface
  • Videos
  • Case Study
  • Resources
Discover Overview
Importing Cosmo-Skymed
Working With RADARSAT-2 Imagery
discover casestudy

Parks Canada uses Geomatica Discover

Parks Canada researchers located across the country need to view what imagery is available across the depart-ment.

Darrel Zell, who is located on Pender Island, BC (in the Gulf Islands) uses Geomatica Discover to index multi-source imagery to create an enterprise wide catalog of Parks Canada imagery.

Read More
Geomatica Discover Flyer
Geomatica Discover Free Trial Version Download
Watch the Geomatica Discover Webinar

What People are Saying About Geomatica

  • "Wow, it's fast. Thanks"

    Parks Canada
  • "PCI Geomatica is clearly a world class remote sensing software application."


  • "Geomatica software allows for efficient handling of complex tasks."

    Woods Hole Research Center

  • "We selected PCI Geomatics because they offer broad functionality and quality results."


  • "With Geomatica, WorldView-2 orthorectification is taking minutes, not hours, FANTASTIC!"

    United States Geological Survey

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Sensible Packaging

Whether your project is large or small, satellite or aerial, optical or radar, Geomatica 2014 has the tools required to make your job easier. Geomatica is packaged simply and easily so you only purchase the necessities for your projects. Getting started with Geomatica is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Pick Your Base Package

 Geomatica CORE
softwarebox small core
Geomatica PRIME
softwarebox small core
PCI Geomatics Exclusive (GDB) Technology
Geomatica Focus
Geomatica OrthoEngine
Cartographic map production
Optical image analysis
3D perspective scene generation & fly-through
Interactive spatial analysis tools  
Radar analysis tools  
Comprehensive automation environment  

Choose Your Add-Ons

Packaging Icons-01Function models developed to compensate for distortions to produce orthorectified satellite images for high resolution and low resolution sensors.
Packaging Icons-01These models compensate for the effects of varying terrain and for the distortions inherent to aerial cameras.
Packaging Icons-01Models reflect the physical reality of the complete viewing geometry and correct all distortions generated during radar image formation.
Packaging Icons-01The Ortho production toolkit is a complete collection of powerful, automated tools for the orthorectification and mosaicking of aerial photos and satellite imagery including tools.
Packaging Icons-01Fuse low-resolution multispectral (color) data with high-resolution panchromatic (black and white) data to produce stunning, high-resolution, multispectral imagery.
Packaging Icons-01Create Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) from stereo air photos, stereo images and RADAR data. Image correlation is used to extract matching pixels in two overlapping images.
Packaging Icons-01Geomatica features leading edge, completely redesigned wizard based Atmospheric Correction workflows that will allow users to automatically detect cloud and haze within your imagery.
Packaging Icons-01This state-of-the-art software reads the radiometric and geometric metadata to provide target selection, target analysis, and dataset processing utilities designed specifically.

Get to Work!

Our expert sales team can help you decide the packages that are right for you. Contact a sales representative in your area, or start using Geomatica right away by downloading the fully functioning 15-day trial .

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Geomatica Technical Literature

Geomatica is available for both Windows and Linux operating systems. The following documents will enable you to get the most our of your Geomatica experience.

 Document NameDownload PDF
Geomatica Core
Geomatica Prime
Satellite Ortho
Air Photo Ortho
Atmospheric Correction
Radar Ortho
Ortho Production Toolkit
Automatic DEM
SAR Polarimetry Workstation
 Document NameDownload PDF
Hardware Specifications
Generic Database Specifications
Geomatica 2014 What's New Document
Geomatica 2014 Flyer

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