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The increasingly important role of geographic information in almost every academic discipline, coupled with its fast-growing field of high-tech career options, will add a new dimension to a wide variety of academic studies at your institution.

Professional grade software that helps your students visualize, research and analyze geographic information demonstrates how important spatial analysis is to sound decision making.

Geomatica is used by scientists and image professionals across industries to access, analyze, and share all types of data and imagery. Our Educational software solutions make image analysis and data visualization tools easily available to the academic world.

What's Included

The Geomatica Education Suite includes key modules that make it possible to work with satellite, aerial, and radar imagery. Additional included modules include Automatic DEM Extraction, Pan Sharpening, and Ortho Production Toolkit to automate the ortho-mosaicking process.

 Geomatica PRIME
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PCI Geomatics Exclusive (GDB) Technology
Geomatica Focus
Geomatica OrthoEngine
Cartographic map production
Optical image analysis
3D perspective scene generation & fly-through
Interactive spatial analysis tools
Radar analysis tools
Comprehensive automation environment
Packaging Icons-01Function models developed to compensate for distortions to produce orthorectified satellite images for high resolution and low resolution sensors.
Packaging Icons-01These models compensate for the effects of varying terrain and for the distortions inherent to aerial cameras.
Packaging Icons-01Models reflect the physical reality of the complete viewing geometry and correct all distortions generated during radar image formation.
Packaging Icons-01The Ortho production toolkit is a complete collection of powerful, automated tools for the orthorectification and mosaicking of aerial photos and satellite imagery including tools.
Packaging Icons-01Fuse low-resolution multispectral (color) data with high-resolution panchromatic (black and white) data to produce stunning, high-resolution, multispectral imagery.
Packaging Icons-01Create Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) from stereo air photos, stereo images and RADAR data. Image correlation is used to extract matching pixels in two overlapping images.
Packaging Icons 10Easy-to-use image segmentation, classification and feature extraction.

Packaging Icons-01Geomatica features leading edge, completely redesigned wizard based Atmospheric Correction workflows that will allow users to automatically detect cloud and haze within your imagery.
Packaging Icons-01This state-of-the-art software reads the radiometric and geometric metadata to provide target selection, target analysis, and dataset processing utilities designed specifically.
Packaging Icons 11End-to-end interferometic radar processing that is flexible, intuitive and with default values to aid automation.

Educational Licensing Programs

Lab Licensing

Lab licensing is ideal for “Departmental” purchasers who are looking for a smaller group of licenses.

  • Permanent license keycodes
  • 1 to 30 user combinations
  • 1 year of Full Support (2 designated contact persons)
  • Temporary student licenses for the course duration

Site Licensing

Site licensing is designed for larger, institutional puchasers who are looking to equip an entire university (single or multiple campuses).

  • 1-3 year license keycodes
  • 100-pack bundles
  • Full support for the duration of the contract (2 designated support persons)


Educational Alliance Program

The PCI Geomatics Education Alliance Program creates strong reciprocal relationships with its education customers by providing technical resources and a framework for information exchange. We recognize that our education institutions continually use our software to support research in the geospatial domain, as well as develop methodologies and applications in a broad range of fields.

We would like to hear about them - whether they are research or classroom related, we want to help promote our shared success stories. We recognize that it’s a challenge to develop course material to keep up with the fast-paced software industry. So to help you keep abreast of the newest and most exciting technological developments, the Education Alliance Program provides you with access to the latest PCI Geomatics training materials.

Free Training Guides

PCI Geomatics is happy to allow personal, non-commercial use of the Geomatica Training Guides to help you get the most value from your Geomatica installation.

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