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Past Webinars

Past WebinarsDateRegister
Creating Custom Solutions with Geomatica (Workflows and GUIs) March 23, 2017 Access Webinar
STAX - Automated UAV Image Alignment and Analysis Mar 16, 2017 Access Webinar
Forest Inventory Monitoring through Earth Observation: Scandinavian Case Study Dec 1, 2016 Access Webinar
How to Ortho Mosaic 50-year-old historical air photos the easy way: Case Study with the City of Saint John, New Brunswick Oct 11, 2016 Access Webinar
DEMs and Mining Applications: Case Study with NPA Satellite Mapping June 29, 2016 Access Webinar
Leveraging SAR and Optical Data from Kompsat-3 and Kompsat-5 for Monitoring Applications Apr 14, 2016 Access Webinar
Geomatica 2016 Release Highlights Mar 31, 2016 Access Webinar
Develop Custom Applications and Workflows Mar 24, 2016 Access Webinar
Combining SAR and Optical Imagery for Mapping and Change Detection Feb 25, 2016 Access Webinar
Creando un Mosaico de un país con imágenes RapidEye y GXL Jan 19, 2016 Access Webinar

Archived Webinars

TopicDateAccess Webinar
Working with Compact Polarimetry Imagery Dec 10, 2015
Creating a Country Mosaic with RapidEye Imagery and GXL Dec 08, 2015
Get More from UAV Imagery Dec 03, 2015
DEM Extraction from SAR Imagery Nov 19, 2015
Volumetric Analysis and DEM Applications Nov 05, 2015
Ortho-Mosaicking with Geomatica Oct 22, 2015
New Features in Geomatica 2015 May 14, 2015
PCI and MDA - Getting More from SAR Imagery Apr 30, 2015
PCI and DG - WorldView-3 Imagery with Geomatica for Advanced Applications Apr 15, 2015
Using Python and Geomatica to develop your own custom solutions Feb 19, 2015
Geomatica 2014 and LiDAR for Accurate DEM Creation Dec 02, 2014
Python capability in Geomatica 2014 - Developer tools for custom workflows Oct 23, 2014
Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) tools & capabilities in Geomatica 2014 Oct 16, 2014
Geomatica Discover - Now Available with Geomatica 2014 Oct 02, 2014
Geomatica 2014 and ArcGIS - Disaster response mapping with SAR imagery Oct 01, 2014
3D Urban Modeling using Geomatica, CityEngine and 3D FeatureXtract Sep 18, 2014
Geomatica 2014 and ArcGIS - Agriculture applications with imagery Sep 17, 2014
Geomatica 2014 and ArcGIS - Mining applications with imagery Sep 10, 2014
Geomatica 2014 and ArcGIS - Overview on deriving information from imagery Sep 04, 2014
Live DEM Editing with Geomatica 2014 Aug 05, 2014
Get more from Imagery – Geomatica 2014 overview Webinar Jul 23, 2014
Object-Based Image Analysis using Geomatica and eCognition Software Apr 29, 2014
Agricultural Monitoring Workflow Using Geomatica and Free Landsat-8 Imagery Nov 07, 2013

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