Scripting Resources

Download and save Modeler Models (*.mod) to any accessible directory and EASI Scripts (*.eas) to "Geomatica_Vx/pro" in text format. Be sure to remove the '.txt' extension when saving. Contributions from our users are always most welcome, please send your model or script to for posting.


Python Scripts (*.py)

Modeler Models (*.mod)Model Description
DEM_satellite_GCPs DEM creation using satellite imagery and GCP’s
DEM_satellite_TPs DEM creation using satellite imagery and TP’s
Ship Detection Perform automated ship detection using freely available RADARSAT-2 imagery of the Straits of Gibraltar
SAR Change Detection Perform automated change detection using freely available RADARSAT-2 imagery of Phoenix, AZ
Create Bitmap Mask Create a bitmap mask for bright pixels using the MODEL algorithm
DEM Change Detection Change detection between two DEM's of different time periods
PANSHARP_w_CLIP Pansharpening with a clip demonstrates TYPESPLIT and TYPEMERGE modules
SPOT_AUTOGCP Automatic workflow that collects GCPs from a geocoded image automatically, orthorectifies the input Satellite images and then mosaic them together
Landsat7 Datafusion Pan sharpens right from CD using co registration at sensor
Wholepoly2topopoly Convert whole polygon to topological polygons
Area Filter FGA filter under a bitmap then combines the filtered image with the original
NDVI Model Calculates NDVI
TVI Model Calculates a Transformed Vegetation Index
Add Shaded Relief Add shaded relief for a 3D appearance
Shaded Relief Fuse FUSE using shaded relief
RGB2PCT w/Stretch RGB to PCT and applies contrast stretch to the output
L7_Radiance_reflectance Convert DN to radiance then apparent reflectance
L7_2_Radiance Convert DN to radiance
Contrast/ConvertRGB2PCT Apply enhancement, convert RGB to PCT, export to tiff
Density_Slice THR and MAP to density slice to image
Color Shaded Relief Model Generate a Color Shaded Relief Model from a DEM and a PCT
DEM Analysis Assess the accuracy of a DEM using the ASP, REL and VSAMPLE modules
Batch Clipping Clip in batch mode using the new CLIP module
Batch Reprojection Reproject in batch mode using the new REPROJ module
Automatic Mosaicking Generate a mosaic of two georeferenced images using the new AUTOMOS module

EASI Scripts (*.EAS)Script Description
Some script have have hardwired file name(s) and parameters so you should open the script in a text editor first to review what the script takes as input. For more information on EASI scripting take a look at the help under EASI.
SPOT_AUTOIMG.eas This script is the EASI equivalent of SPOT_AUTOIMG.mod that was demonstrated during a recent PCI Webinar. It will generate orthorectified images using an existing geocoded image with the AUTOIMG program and then mosaic them together into one color balanced output image. Inputs for this model are satellite images with orbital data, a digital elevation model and an existing geocoded image for the area.
PIX_to_SHP_batch_export.eas This script will batch convert vector files stored in PIX format to SHP format with the exact same file name as the input files
mul_DEM_mosaic.eas This script will generate an output PIX file with extents large enough to contain all of the input files PIX files and then mosaic each of the input files into the output pix file. It was designed to mosaic several DEM files into one large DEM file
mul_subset.eas This script will batch subset a directory of input files based on a defined input window. It assumes that all the input files will all be located within the same specified directory, all the files will be of the same format with three channels and that the output directory does not already contain any files
bitmap_clip.eas This simple script used with the MODEL command in PCI EASI will clip the unnecessary excess portions of an airphoto mosaic from OE to an irregular buffered shape around the study area
REPROJ.EAS Batch reproject several files based on the projection found in an input image file. Input image contains the georeferencing information that other images are to be reprojected to. Any GDB supported file can be used for the source projection or a new image file can be created using PCI software. Supports UTM, Lat/Long, SPCS, and user defined projections such as LCC. See README file
cutline.eas Generates a vector file from mosaic cutlines stored in an OrthoEngine project file
mas1.eas Modifies the georeferencing segment of all vector files in a specified pix file. Handy for updating the georeferencing on the segment when there are many vector layers (i.e. pix file from DXF or DGN)
tiff_model.eas Models on all tiff files as specified by a list file. The model can be altered within the script. Handy for modeling zeros out of tiff files for input into OrthoEngine
VTRANS.EAS Scale a vector layer by a specified value in X and Y
ASTER_IN.EAS Import all Aster files in a given directory using CDASTER (Output has orbital segment for input into OrthoEngine)

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