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The trial version of Geomatica 2014 has the functionality as our full commercial version, allowing you to evaluate every aspect of the world's most popular software for remote sensing, photogrammetry, GIS, and cartography.

  • Utilize a fully georeferenced file based viewer and modern GUI
  • Explore any number of images, any depth (8, 16, and 32 bit), any size, and any resolution
  • Create new vector layers and edit existing ones
  • View, edit, and query the attributes associated with your data
  • Efficiently produce geometrically corrected images and mosaics using the OrthoEngine Sample Data

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More Downloads

Geomatica Discover

Geomatica Discover is an add-on module that streamlines the task of locating data for specific projects. Search and organize by image type, resolution, sensor type, acquisition date, geolocation, and more.


3D FeatureXtract

3D FeatureXtract uses overlapping aerial and satellite imagery and can quickly extract 3D buildings, roads, and other forms via an intuitive, easy to use interface.


GeoImaging Tools

GeoImaging Tools for ArcGIS® offers accurate and efficient means of correcting raw imagery and opening new doors for the integration of remotely sensed imagery into GIS workflows.


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