About PCI Geomatics

PCI Geomatics, founded in 1982, is the world leader in geo-imaging products and solutions. PCI Geomatics has set the standard in remote sensing and image processing tools offering customized solutions to the geomatics community in over 135 countries.

PCI Geomatics is the developer of Geomatica® - a complete and integrated desktop software that features tools for remote sensing, digital photogrammetry, geospatial analysis, map production, mosaicking and more. Geomatica® software enables users to apply imagery in support of a wide range of applications such as the environment, agriculture, security and intelligence, defense, as well as in the oil and gas industries.

PCI Geomatics is also the developer of the GeoImaging Accelerator (GXL), an automated, high performance, Graphics Processor (GPU) system for processing terabytes of imagery data. PCI Geomatics is a privately held Canadian corporation headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec with worldwide facilities located in the United States; Arlington and Beijing, China.


To make the world a better place by maximizing the value of geo-imagery


To create and deliver geo-image software products, platforms, and solutions for demanding global customers


Passion, Collaboration, and Integrity in all we do



PCI Corporate Objectives

Superior Service and Customer Satisfaction

Continue to provide superior service and ensure ongoing customer satisfaction.

Profitability and Innovation

Commit to increasing shareholder value by achieving our financial goals and investing in continued growth and product innovation in our international divisions (Canada-US-China-India).

Market Leader

With our world-class products and solutions, we will Target the #1 spot in the geoimaging marketplace.

Employee Growth and Empowerment

Recognize and develop talent from within and applaud initiative and innovation. Offer a workplace with exciting and interesting challenges to enhance the experience and maintain the commitment of our high performers.

Business Processes

Continue to review and evaluate core business processes and implement changes as required to improve quality, productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction (internally and externally).


Continue to foster and maintain a positive internal culture that rewards and recognizes employee efforts in the achievement of corporate objectives.

Social Responsibility

Globally, PCI is strongly committed to a high standard of business ethics, good corporate governance and fair internal and external business relations and practices.

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